Hotel Great View is A Must

By | June 12, 2021

Please tell me if you are concerned about the view of a hotel.

Yes, girls! We are one team then.

For me, a great view of the hotel is a must. What are you expecting from a staycation at a hotel besides its service and facilities? It must be a great view. Having a fabulous view is not only for pleasure but also for our health. Here are what we get from having the great view:

Prevent Tired Eyes

Our daily activities this time force our eyes to work harder. They get too much exposure from handphones, laptops, TV, and other gadgets. As all of us know that those things have radiation which could hurt our eyes. The common one is making the eyes tired.

Been there and done that. One day, I had a headache. The corners of my eyes were very hurt. My head was really heavy and I couldn’t stand it. The only thing I could do is just lay on my bed and close my eyes. At that time, I realized that it was because of radiation.

I need to take a quite long break from my gadget. My doctor said that I have to see something green more often. Green sceneries can make the lens and corneas work more relaxed. Because psychologically, the greens send signals to our brain and it makes a calm effect.

Lucky me, my backyard is near a river and there are plenty of trees across it. I did my treatment every day. So, a great view is really helpful. Our tired eyes need to take a break by seeing something great only.

Thus, when I have a chance to have a staycation, the view is one of my considerations. I will choose the hotel with a great view. My tired body, mind, and eyes are craving for it. LOL

Make The Eyes Performance Better

After the looking-at-a-green-great-view treatment, the corners of my eyes were not hurt anymore. Even my headache was gone. Well of course, not only having a great view, but I also took some vitamins to help. Well, up to this time I still have those vitamins. I just don’t want my eyes to get worse. So, I decided to keep them healthy that way.

I can say that a great view has a big impact on making the eyes perform better.

The great view from the hotel will complete our moment. It is one of the sources of our greatest staycation ever.

Among the best hotels which provide us great views, I want to mention Fullerton hotel. No doubt, it will give you eyegasm. Located at 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178 this hotel is a perfect place to stay. There are many offers for you when you choose the Fullerton hotel. You can choose either a city view or a pool view. Everything is up to you.

The point is never to plan your staycation in a rush. Think about the best possibilities you can get if you choose the best one. Have a great healthy staycation and Booking Hotel soon!